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Shonda_Land Challenge Stuff

Yeah...this is my fail of crossover writing challenge.

Find A Map And Draw A Straight Line
Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice and The X-Files
Ha. I don't even know what this is. I apologize to your brain in advance. Beware of mistakes and generally horrible writing.

He hasn't seen her smile this bright in over a year, so he knows as he watches her scramble to find a pen, that this is the call they've been waiting for.

"Let's go get him." She almost screams it, her voice out of breath, depositing bags into the rented SUV.

"I don't understand all the stops and secrecy. Are we buying the kid?" He jokes and she smiles, but racing thoughts of this falling through are plaguing both of their minds.

It takes them four days of traveling. They change planes so much, they both hate each other by the time they get to their final rental car and neither of them speak for the last few hours of their drive. They've been lied to, taken advantage of because of their blinded desire for a family. The thoughts continue to invade both their minds as they get closer to the log cabin.

They're in the middle of nowhere. They're walking into a trap and they have nothing to defend themselves. Sure, he could probably take someone out with a pair of her heels, but this is not the situation he was envisioning some four days ago.

"Stay in the car and do not unlock the doors," he tells her when he takes in the single car parked by the house. He feels ridiculous walking up to the door, a Louboutin pump behind his back and when the older man who opens the door reaches behind him to put a hand to his neck, he almost puts the shoe to good use.

"Sorry. Just had to be sure you were who you said you are. Walter Skinner." His arms raise up in surrender before holding it out for the younger man to take.

"Mark Sloan. What the hell is going on?" He shakes his hand despite the confusion, staying on his good side is best in whatever fucked up situation he's gotten them into. "Addison, I told you to stay in the car."

"And you expected me to listen?" She focuses her attention on the balding man. "Addison Montgomery-Sloan. Would you mind telling me why I just spent the last four days on this adventure from hell?"

"Safety was the only concern. Yours and his. Would you like to see him?" He steps aside to invite them in and Addison looks at Mark like she knows they're about to be butchered and buried somewhere in this forest, but she moves forward anyway, and he follows. He always does.

But they're not murdered in the remote cabin in the middle of where she thinks is North Carolina(she's not entirely sure where they ended up). Instead they're introduced to a petite redhead and Addison's hand finds Mark's and her grip only tightens when Dana Scully holds out the baby. For a second, she's too lost in the sadness that lingers in the shorter woman's eyes to even focus on the baby, seven month old William, but she releases Mark from her grip and takes the boy in her arms and it's all over for her.

His blue eyes watch her and she swears he understands what's happening as she sits beside Mark and attempts to listen to the talk of FBI, and danger, and conspiracy, but it's all too crazy for her to even begin to comprehend, so she alternates between staring at William and his mother.

Mark keeps hearing "He's special" thrown into every other sentence and he can't help staring at the woman and wondering why she's not keeping him if he's so special and all, but he doesn't want to question this, not when his wife looks so perfect holding the kid. He's just ready to get out of the woods and back into the real world, son in tow, so he nods along and agrees about keeping his mouth shut about William's background. What does he know really? And then there are papers to sign that this Walter guy swears is legal and it's finished. He's theirs.

They hand him over to Dana Scully one last time and he watches Addison, breathing stopped, hands empty, and he knows she's afraid the woman's going to bolt with him, but she doesn't. She hands him over to Addison with a kiss to his forehead and deposits a letter in Mark's hand and tells him he'll know when William needs to see it and she leaves.

"I can't believe it." That they're walking out of the cabin alive, proud new parents to this child, an oddly quiet baby boy, but as beautiful as Addison had imagined.

"Let's get the hell out of here now, please." He straps the boy in and they head off to find an airport.

When their two year old has been banned from every play date they've tried to set up, and they've ran out of "I must be sleep deprived. I could have sworn that just moved" excuses, do they realize what exactly all the "special" talk was about.

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